Solex Wheels and Solex Tires for the Solex. For a lot types Solex. Solex Tire black and Solex Tire white walls. We have a lot Solex rims, Solex tires, Solex wheels, Solex hub, Solex innertubes on stock, please check our assortment Solex wheels and tires here:

New Solex Tires for the Solex! We have Black Solex Tire and Black/White Solex Tire for the Solex on stock. New Chrome wheels for the Solex! We have Solex innertubes, tubes, tires, wheels, Rubber tyres, Spokes, Rims and hubs for the Solex. Solex wheels for Solex 3300, Solex 3800, 1001, 1010,4600, 4800, 5000 and more.